Where can you go in the Philippines for P1000 pesos?

Where can you go in the Philippines for P1000 pesos?

I’m a backpacker and cheapskate by heart. If you notice I’ve dedicated a section for my budget travel tips and have been interviewing other travelers on how they have done it.. most of them are non bloggers so you can see how sincere and authentic my goal is to promote budget travel.

So since the Blog Carnival promotes Philippine tourism only, I’ll be limited to highlight some trips locally where I’ve spent more or less 1000 pesos.

Honestly, most of my trips in the country were possible because of my large family clan that is scattered from Zamboanga to Baguio.. From 1st cousins to 3rd cousins, I’ve visited them all! ^_^

But for those who have chosen their lives to be in solitude (actually, I’m seeing my future like that :P).. you can still travel around on a budget, even when you are alone.

Here are 2 recommended, tried and tested destinations where I spent around P1000 per trip:

Tagaytay. Please don’t be intimidated because it looks like a posh place. I actually stayed there for 6 months a few years ago, and I keep coming back because I’ve learned the secrets of going around the beautiful place without so much dent in your funds.. plus I’ve made lifetime friends there.. so there’s no reason not to come back. Of course there’s always more to explore, and I can’t wait to be back to Tagaytay again to rediscover the place and blog new discoveries.

Things to do in Tagaytay on a P1000 budget day trip:

1. Convent and church hopping. If Thailand is famous for its buddhist temples where you see them in every corner.. in Tagaytay, you’ll find numerous convents and seminaries… name it, sisters in pink, blue, white, etc.. there is no fee to visit. Any kind of donations are accepted but its not even required ;).. If you are non-catholic, its okay to visit.. I’m not a Buddhist either but I still marveled at the Buddhist temples. ^_^ Cost: Nada unless you’re giving a donation

2. People’s park. There’s a small fee that you pay but it’s worth walking to the top for a picnic or just lazing around after the walk. Once in Tagaytay, just ride the jeep to people’s park and you’re there. Cost: 15 pesos entrance + the worth of your picnic baon

3. Hike (or walk) to explore hidden parts of Tagaytay. Tagaytay temperature remains cold irregardless of the temperature in Manila. It’s a nice experience to walk in the cool temperature of Tagaytay and explore hidden hills, pineapple plantations, flower gardens that you will never know unless you go off the beaten path. Don’t be afraid to get lost, people there are friendly. ^_^ Cost: Depends on the deal with the tricycle driver on where you want to explore. If you try to find where Terra Moi is, it will cost you more or less P100 ^_^

4. Stare at Taal and let the poet awaken in you.. When I stayed in Tagaytay for a few months, I’ve created poems that sounds….. poetic :)) Cost: Nada except your time

The rest of the budget can then be spent on pasalubong to family and friends so you can give happiness to others too ^_^..

Now this does not include the fare going to Tagaytay because they vary depending on where you are coming from. More details at my original post here


Bohol. I’m currently in Bohol for more or less 6 months. I’ve met many travelers who tells me Bohol is expensive.. so they skip it and head to Dumaguete instead where Harold’s Mansion costs only P250 which includes free breakfast, free WIFI, free bike, free aircon at night. If I dont have relatives here in Bohol, I’ll choose Dumaguete too :))


i love you Bohol

But… since its nice to share secrets, here’s what I suggest things to do in Bohol for around P1000 a day.

1. If you dont have relatives or friends in Bohol and no one is saving you on couchsurfing.. you can still save on accommodation by sleeping in the beach.. or you can bring your own tent and camp out too. Best scenery to do this is in Alona beach amidst posh hotels, this advice is tried and tested with a French couchsurfer harhar. Click here on how to go to Alona Beach Transpo Cost: P20 Accommodation Cost: P0

2. Save on fare if you rent your own bike or motorbike. You can have the freedom to roam around the province at your own pace and you need not worry on bus schedules. Dont know how to ride a motorbike or bicycle? Befriend someone who knows how… or learn :D. Cost: P400-500 per day

3. Eat out at carinderias so you can save on food prices.You can also get to taste local foods without so much dent in your budget. And from my most recent discovery, there is a posh place that offers 50 pesos only for breakfast. Posh place for a budget meal! Isn’t that awesome?

That’s in Cafe Lawis near Dauis Church but the 50 pesos meal is available only on Sunday from 7am-10am.
Cost: P30-50 per meal, P90-150 per day.

The rest of the budget can then go to your miscellaneous expenses like pasalubong so you can give happiness to people around you too. ^_^

Again, I did not include the fare to get to Bohol because it depends on where are you coming from and what mode of transportation you’ll be taking.. of course I’ll always recommend to get the discounted fare ^_^

As I’ve said, i’ve dedicated a section here exclusively for budget tips. You can also ask me what info you need in these places and I’ll try my best to answer them.. if not, I’ll ask someone to answer them :D… just to pursue the goal that travel need not be expensive. ^_^

This is my 2nd entry for Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival
for the month of August.
The theme for this month is ‘Where Would You Travel Given a P1,000 Budget
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13 thoughts on “Where can you go in the Philippines for P1000 pesos?

    1. ive heard solo travelers complain about this while traveling in some parts of the Philippines like Bohol.. I’m still exploring the beautiful island and will let the world know what else i’ve found. see you then on the road ^_^

    1. i know someone who only spend Php500 a day.. and he goes by the name of James.. ^_^ that’s truly hardcore. I’m just medium core :)))

  1. Hi Grasya! Hi Aleah!!

    In Bohol, I did backpacking with wifey and we took public buses, haggled tricycle rides and eat at local restaurants. Great savings.

    Regards to all backpacker.

  2. Hi there. ^__^

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m surfing the Net for articles right now on how to travel the Philippines with only P1000 and this really helped; bless you.

    I’d like to ask, though.. I’m from Cagayan de Oro, fresh graduate, and I’m really planning on going somewhere with only more or less P1000. Where would you suggest I’d go po? Somewhere with a very nice natural environment formation (beach, waterfall, etc), a good night-life strip, or a safe community/friendly people would be “preferred”, hehe. I don’t want to go water rafting ’cause I’ve already tried it. xD Any answers would be really cool.

    Cheers! ^___^

    1. heya.. 1 thousand per day is a good estimate to travel around on a budget. Bohol has everything you mentioned ^_^… pero pag 1 thou ang budget kasama na ang pamasahe to Bohol? i think that money wont let you go to that paradise sorry xD… try to go somewhere nearby CDO like visit the Tiboli tribes in S. Cotabato, they’re a cool bunch of people promise.. But i hope you’ll bring more than 1 thou to be safe

  3. I agree with you at Tagaytay but if you will rent a room, for sure you need a larger money. We booked at (website hidden) and it is really great.

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