What to do in Tagaytay

I stayed in Tagaytay a few years ago.. And when I go back to visit, I always notice the prettyness of the place remains the same over the years.. and I hope it will stay the same for the next generation.

So for the curious, it is just 3 hours away from Metro Manila.. and you can always do a day trip if you want to have a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

What to do in Tagaytay on a budget that is less than 1000:

1. Convent and church hopping. If Thailand is famous for its buddhist temples where you see them in every corner.. in Tagaytay, you’ll find numerous convents and seminaries… name it, sisters in pink, blue, white, etc.. there is no fee to visit. Any kind of donations are accepted but its not even required ;)..

2. People’s park. There’s a small fee that you pay but it’s worth walking to the top for a picnic or just lazing around after the walk. Once in Tagaytay, just ride the jeep to people’s park and you’re there.

3. Hike (or walk) to explore hidden parts of Tagaytay. It is nice to come up to the hills when its freaking hot and you’re in Manila… because Tagaytay temperature remains cold. It’s a nice experience to still walk in the cool temperature of Tagaytay and explore hidden hills, pineapple plantations, flower gardens that you will never know unless you go off the beaten path.

4. Stare at Taal and let the poet awaken in you.. When I stayed in Tagaytay for a few months, I’ve created poems that sounds….. poetic :))

Now if you have moolah to shed, gorabells! It’s worth spending in this really pretty place:

1. Eat out at cool restaurants. Lots of them around. You can choose a restaurant that has a view of the Taal lake for a more inspired dining experience.

2. Trek to the smallest volcano Taal. You’ll not just get to stare at it but you’ll walk in it and see the lake within a lake.. Pinoy Adventurista has a detailed story.

3. Want some adrenalin rush? Try the zip line at Picnic Grove. I dont know how much sorry xD but you can inquire once you get there :P

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So.. what else to do in Tagaytay? Any suggestions? ^_^

8 thoughts on “What to do in Tagaytay

  1. i’ve been to tagaytay countless times and it still has that charm. hindi nakakasawang balikan. and the best activity to do in tagaytay? one word: chill :)

  2. Funny that I have been a part resident of Tagaytay for many years but I have never done most of what you have written here haha! Because of the lovely weather there, I always end-up wanting to fall a sleep or laze around the house. Thanks for the recommendations though. Maybe I’ll get my feet to walk and do each one of them… or not :D

  3. sa dami ng puwedeng gawin sa tagaytay at sa murang halaga, kailangan marating ko na ngayang lugar na yan.

    try ko yang trekking na yan sa taal volcano, pagnagkataon.

    thanks sa info.

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