What to do in Bohol on a budget

What to do in Bohol on a budget

I’ve been staying here in Bohol for more or less six months. There are ups and downs, hooray and boo boos, yeah there are boo boos, but I’d rather look on the bright side of things. And Bohol, even though it can be expensive for many tourists, it can still be one of your cheap holiday deals.

Some tips on a budget of less than P1000.00 pesos for a day:

If you dont have relatives or friends in Bohol and no one is saving you on couchsurfing.. you can still save on accommodation by sleeping in the beach.. or you can bring your own tent and camp out too. Best scenery to do this is in Alona beach amidst posh hotels, this advice is tried and tested with a French couchsurfer harhar. Cost: P0

Save on fare if you rent your own bike or motorbike. You can have the freedom to roam around the province at your own pace and you need not worry on bus schedules. Dont know how to ride a motorbike or bicycle? Befriend someone who knows how :D. Cost: P400-500 per day

Eat out at carinderias so you can save on food prices.You can also get to taste local foods without so much dent in your budget. And from my most recent discovery, there is a posh place that offers 50 pesos only for breakfast. Posh place for a budget meal! Isn’t that awesome? That’s in Cafe Lawis near Dauis Church but the 50 pesos meal is available only on Sunday from 7am-10am.
Cost: P30-50 per meal, P90-150 per day.

The rest of the budget can then go to your miscellaneous expenses like pasalubong. ^_^

So you see, Bohol is expensive for some but with the right research, it can just be your right kind of heaven ^_^


So, care to share budget travel tips for Bohol?

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