Travel to the middle of 3 countries for 1000 pesos only

Travel to the middle of 3 countries for 1000 pesos only

Actually, at the current exchange rate.. 750 Thai Baht is equivalent to 997.82 Philippine Pesos.

So I just spent less than 1000 pesos to be in the middle of 3 countries, and more! And I’m not kidding. ^_^

The Golden triangle is a place located where Thailand, Laos and Burma intersects each other. So from Thailand, I was able to go to Laos for two hours, and was able to view Burma on the other side of the river. You know the feeling of playing step one, step two from your childhood games? It’s not like that… :))

Because the division is the Mekong river so you cant actually play steps there. Why did I mention the steps game anyway *scratch head*

golden triangle

And there’s more to that! The day trip does not only include the golden triangle, but also a visit to the white temple in Chiang Rai, visit to the long neck tribe, and the tour also includes yummy lunch buffet! More details of my story here.

Ok now that Pandora’s box content is out… I wont be surprised if a surge of travellers will be checking Thailand flights for that.. :D Just don’t forget, it also floods in Thailand! You (and I) can’t escape climate change :D.. Ooops, I’m supposed to motivate you to travel right? Ok.

Just remember, I booked the tour when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand already… Airfares and travel to Chiang Mai is not included in the 1000 pesos/750 baht challenge.. but if you just found yourself in Chiang Mai, I do highly suggest you check this tour out.. I went to the tour agency at the old city, just near Thapae gate beside Black Canyon coffee shop.

But if you are here in the Philippines, just remember that not all of the country is flooding. The sun is shining in Bohol (thank you Lord, you’ve been giving me a break from too much mis-adventures lately)..

And I’m sure other parts of the country are still paradise here on earth..

As for the victims of the flood in Metro Manila, stay strong in the thought that Filipino’s have a bayanihan spirit, and there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Luckily none of the travelers who were staying at the hotels in Manila were affected by the flood.

For more tips on traveling on a budget, see my other budget related posts.

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