How to help the Philippines

Tourists and travelers come over to the Philippines mostly because of the pristine beaches and white sands.. Mother nature has gifted us with water alright… but as of the moment, I think water is too much on some areas xD

Thanks to climate change and other factors, slowly, history of Noah is repeating itself.. and I’m sure the some parts of Asia is experiencing it too.

Last year, I was (almost) swimming on two flooded occasions in the Thai-Burma border.

Thankfully, not all of the Philippines are living in water world. Sun is shining in my part of town.. Maybe because the Lord granted me a break from too much mis-adventure challenge last few years xD

But this wont make me sit merrily while my brethren in Metro Manila are having their annual flood event…

annual flood event sounds like a festival or something xD…

But seriously, its not getting better every year.

I’m not gonna ask the universe for a donation just yet. But I’ll be happy if you want to help out, there are lots of websites that are accepting donations already…. I just want to monitor small hidden communities in the flood prone area that are forgotten for some reason.. example, too far, too muddy, too dirty, no movie stars living in that community…

And if they these people don’t get help, then I’m gonna do my best to help them.

So far, here’s what I’ve found:

Need medicine for fever, cough, and colds plus alipunga to be given to Marikina evacuation centers in Malanday, Sto Nino, Olandes. Contact Joji at 09175226966 to help out. – c/o Janette Toral

“out of the 5000 families in 6 connected communites we only fed 300 kids, our budget came from student allowances and personal donations… we chose that area cause of the sheer number of people, their need, safety of the volunteers (we’re unsupervised teenagers coordinating with their SK group :P) logistics, and the fact that when we arrived they haven’t eaten yet” – @Lauren Gaile

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