White Carabao and Cute Kids

Enough about cows. Let me talk about carabaos this time :))

I always go to Antique since I was a child but I never had the chance to really roam around the mystical province. So one day, I went with my niece and her friends to hike in the mountains.. it was a great experience and im happy to have developed leg muscles afterwards. :D

Anyway, we went to see hidden waterfalls, crossed a river with no name, climbed some mountains and trek the road less traveled.. heck, some don’t even have a path to be called a road xD

The torture errr adventure has its own benefits.. like seeing and discovering unheard of places, i know how Magellan and Columbus feels now. Plus you get to see rare species too! Like this white carabao:

I’ve searched and not many have seen or documented this cute thing..

This must be an addition of what to see in the Philippines aside from the cute tarsier.. reminds me of the rare white tiger in Sundarbans.

Speaking of rare species, this cute kids I’ve seen in the mountains of Antique are rare too! They haven’t had a picture since they were born, so consider that rare.

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