How was I able to travel with a wee fund

How was I able to travel with a wee fund

We do need to break the stereotype that those who travel are always rich. But first, we need to get information out on how others are able to do it so hopefully many will be inspired to follow. I’ll be sharing based on my experience and those that I have interviewed on Frugal Travel Tips Series.

So if Im not rich, how was I still able to travel?

I was a VSO Volunteer in a far flung rural area in India.. no malls, no fancy restaurants, there’s really no reason to spend except on basics and on occasional gatherings…

The cost of living is also very low, and because of this, my wee allowance which is almost equivalent to the lowest salary here in the Philippines allowed me to travel around India..

of course still on a shoestring budget, thanks to my wonderful friends who are backpacker superstars ^_^

So you want to fund your travels? Work in the mountains where there is no need to spend.

When I got to work with an NGO in Chiang mai, Thailand, there were lots of distractions. Coffee shops, night markets, parties, etc..

But I was still able to travel because the prices are not that high. Coffee from my favorite shop is only 25 baht, sushi is only around 5 baht per piece, pad thai is around 25 baht too.. Mcdonalds was very expensive to me already!

Good thing there are like minded people like the couchsurfers and friends who are hardcore travelers too and would do anything just to save up for travel. We couchsurfed or stay at other VSO volunteers houses just to save up on accommodation and so we can explore the area more.

If I had time, I will go find cheap hotels in Phuket so I can check out the beaches in the south. Even though they were quite a distance apart but, the money spent to get from one city to another was not a problem because of the affordable places to stay


Want to save up? Connect with people who have the same passion for travel so you can exchange tips and tricks.. Im doing frugal travel tips interview series here because most of them dont have blogs but are experts in travel and i need to gather their wisdom for the benefit of everyone.

Also, if you want to have funds for travel, make travel part of your work. Missionaries and other humanitarian workers go to far flung places to help the needy… and get to discover places and cultures that not many people have seen.

Here’s a video of people and places where humanitarian workers go:

Pilots, seamen, and those who work in the travel industry are lucky to have travel as part of their normal routine. See here for more details

If you have a day job, that is good. But it’s great if you have different income streams. Consider doing some alternative work whether online or on weekends. Have a business that earns extra moolah. This is what I’m currently doing right now.
I work on online projects, I also have jobs I got from odesk, plus I have a coffee shop that aims to be like those cute coffee places in Pai and in Chiang Mai. (Update: I closed my coffee shop temporarily so I can allow myself to move freely, its still my dream though. But you know what, this blog buys me some nice mocha coffee ^_^.. so thank you so much for reading! )

If you are a student, apply for scholarships abroad, or for your extra curricular activity, join a group that allows you to travel. Your IQ and/or your talent will be your ticket to travel. A friend does this and I’m sure you can too.

Cut back on unnecessary spending.. walk or bike if you must, wet market instead of the mall, ordinary bus instead of aircon (its an extra challenge if you’re in metro manila), sell things, possibilities are endless…

Buying in the market helps you save up and helps market sellers get travel funds too ya know..

Still not enough? Get creative. Join contests, who knows these contests can get you those dream tickets to travel. Go to travel forums and you’ll know that we’re not the only ones itching to see the world before we die. ^_^

Get sponsors, I’m currently talking with a coordinator of a charity group in Thailand to do an exchange program so we can send some of our senior citizens in my remote village to travel abroad and see a different culture.. its my wee way of giving back to communities so others can have the chance to travel too.. Want to help out? Let me know. ^_^

Travel need not be expensive. You just need to have the right information, right discipline, right friends, and passion.

Hope you get the information you need in this post. I’ll be interviewing more people and hopefully they get to share their travel secrets to help make our travel dreams come true.


This is my very first entry to the 20th blog carnival this June 2012 of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers called How to Fund your Wanderlust hosted by James of Journeying James


8 thoughts on “How was I able to travel with a wee fund

  1. I have carefully read the tips and to tell you the truth everything you wrote is possible and true. Although sometimes the places to visit have high costs of living therefore thorough research before any attempts is important. Thanx Grasya

    1. you can relate because you are a VSO Volunteer too Robert ^_^.. how are you in Chiang Mai? When are you going back to Mama Africa? take care

  2. It’s near the Girl guides compound on the way to my former NGO office in Chiang Mai.. But there are lots of that along Sunday Walking street ^^

    I should feature the coffee shop next time ^^

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