Frugal Tips Series on the Road #6

I met Antoine Santiago (not his whole name) at a challenging moment in the mountains of the Thai-Burma border.

We were stuck in the village due to floods and had to make do with stock food because we cant go out of the village at that time.

What is more interesting is that he and the rest of the crew have to bear with my cooking too! :D

Niwey, I have asked this lad on the tips on how he gets around to travel, and hopefully others may get great tips too:

1. Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc
[Antoine] I use to work as a forward deployed analyst. So basically that is someone who can work in the realm of social science projects not only from a comfy desk, but also in any situation, anywhere, at any time .
For my hobbies, I’m not certain yet. I think my hobby is to continue to discover new hobbies and to better at the one’s I do already. If I had to pick five to focus on, I’d say: learning languages, reading/writing, outdoor sports (skiing, climbing), cooking/eating, and something I’m not good at yet.

2. How many countries have you been so far? Which is your favorite and why?
[Antoine] countries I’ve been to so far: I’m not certain, I don’t count. But I’d guess at least a few dozen. I’m always amazed by how arbitrary countries are (substantively, one could visit dozens of countries in India alone, for example). On that note, of all the countries visited thus far, India is my ‘favourite’. I feel I could see and experience everything there in the course of an ordinary life (the ordinary there is to me extraordinary).

3. How do you fund your travels?
[Antoine] Fund my travels? Like a surfer catches a wave, I seem to just catch a windfall that brings me on a trip, and then I’m still until the next wave comes along

4. What are your plans in the future?
[Antoine] My plans in the future are to find a home base. That does not mean I don’t plan to travel. But I’d like a nice place that has culture, opportunities, and beautiful landscape that I could start layng down my roots in.

5. How can you make the world a better place?
[Antoine] I think I could try to make the world a better place by deriving my energy from love rather than from greed, fear, envy, etc. I think along with this is the point that true change begins with yourself first and foremost (for example, acting out of greed to do good I don’t think really works out).

6. Lastly, any frugal travel tips you want to share?
[Antoine] Skip the malls and focus on museums, parks, etc. A picnic in a park on a sunny day or a visit to the public pools could be as interesting and better than a nice restaurant or visit at some amusement park. Check out what events are on at the embassies in capitals. Consider public transit an attraction in of itself, instead of paying for taxis.


So.. That is how Antoine rolls ^_^.. hope you get tips you need..

Now I’m off to some museum in Malaysia, then I’ll get lost in the park, then of course ill ask help and directions and make new friends in the process.. ^_^

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