Poo poos that are not wasted

I know this is gross. And you might not like reading this while you’re eating. But some poo poos are really not wastes after all.

Do you know that a cow’s dung are placed on one’s forehead and is being pasted in trees and house walls in rural India?

Do you know that a civet (a type of cat) poo produced the most expensive type of coffee? Click here for a related article

And from my latest discovery, thanks to the locals of Panglao, Bohol – poo from a sea creature called Donsol.. is really yummy.. taste like a real seaweed salad heaven. ^_^ Heard its nutritious too. You should eat and try this nutritious poo like I did :D

So lesson learned… a poo poo to someone is a precious something to others. XD How about you? Have you got any recyclable poo poo stories to tell?

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