Home is in my heart

Seven months in the Philippines. Golly time fries…

I have to admit settling in was a roller coaster ride but its part of the “fun” in the Philippines… to be fair, I find it always a challenge to be settling in to another country.. even if its my own.

I feel more free now..

I work online while I’m bonding with my nieces in my hidden paradise.. it feels great to be (almost) location independent.. I can focus my attention to those dear to my heart… so please keep those online work coming ^_^

I have my wee coffee shop now in Panglao, Bohol where all the paintings I bought from my travels around Asia plus other paintings from Sierra Leone and Vanuatu given by friends are displayed. And even though the shop needs more prepping up, seeing locals and foreigners gather in the shop feels like a great achievement already.

And I’m happy to be giving back to my remote village plus I’m raising awareness online whether on travel, climate change, social equality and having an alternative lifestyle.. I know my life is not perfect but it’s worth living every single moment of it ^_^.. hope others are living their lives alive too.

Almost 60% done on my wishlist and I’m happy and grateful.

And yet I have to admit, I’m still settling in. There are lots to be done… and time is limited.


I know Steve Jobs says don’t settle, stay hungry, stay foolish.. and I say yeah yeah! I’m skinny already alright!


Somehow, I miss the comforts of being home..  And now that I have many places I call home… I find myself scratching my head asking  where is home really?

In a couple of months, I might change homes again.. and if Costa Rica calls for a far greater purpose, then I’d heed the call..

I guess that’s the challenge if I aim to be location independent and travel the world.. The challenge to say that my home is in my heart.

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