Frugal (and Climate Change Adaptation) Tips Series on the road #3

Brandon Macdonald is the tallest yet the youngest VSO Volunteer I’ve met. I’ve actually have a formula for him: Brandon := Grace * 2;

So anyway, this Canadian guy is a theater actor in Toronto and is planning on directing his first play. Oh, he is a good singer too! For those who wants to ask his talent fee, contact me :D… I can be his stage manager in the Philippines harhar

What is impressive is that he survived living in a village near Thai-Burma border.. no proper water, no proper bed, floors not cemented, real remote village living… My village is similar to where he lived in the border but in many ways it is still different, I dont know if I can live there for a very long time like what he did.. See video on on the thai-burma border:

So I’ve gathered his thoughts, and hopefully he serves as inspiration to other young individuals that wants to make this world better in their own ways:

[Grace] Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc
[Brandon] I am currently finishing a degree in International Development and Environmental Sciences. I plan on working in the environmental/development industry with this degree. I also plan on getting an environmental science masters degree.

My other passions are theatre and music. I am involved with many plays around Toronto, mostly as an actor but I plan to direct my first play this fall. It will likely be a play from George F. Walker’s “Suburban Motel”

[Grace] How many countries have you been so far? Which is your favorite and why?
[Brandon] I have been to many contries including Canada, the US, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece and Turkey. My favorite has been Thailand because of the great relationships I built while I was there, and because I stay there for a very long time and got to know the culture much more intimately.

[Grace] How do you fund your travels?
[Brandon] My travels have been funded through my work in development which has taken me to many places. I also used to sing in a touring choir, and went to Europe with them. We funded the tour through the ticket sales to our shows, but also through our own money a bit as well. I have also travelled with money I have saved from working.

[Grace] How can you make the world a better place?
[Brandon] I hope to make the world a better place mostly through the environmental and developmental work I do. I also try to give as much money as I can to NGOs that I believe in and I try to live a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Of Course, one of the most important thing one can do is to treat those around them with respect and love, which I try to do.

[Grace] Any frugal travel tips you want to share?
[Brandon] As far as frugal travelling goes, it is best to just get the cheapest of everything you can and stretch your money out. I always like to take the bus instead of flying especially

[Grace] Can you give concrete actions on how to protect the climate that is changing?
[Brandon] Concrete action for addressing climate change:

– The first and most significant for me is eating vegetarian. A huge amount of fossil fuels are consumed in the agricultural processes of growing animal food and raising animals themselves. More fossil fuels are consumed through the agricultural processes of creating meat than all forms of human transportation combined.

– I also try to live without more than I need, and try to avoid materialism.

– I buy organic as much as I can

– I try to reduce my energy consumption by doing things such as taking short showers, and washing clothes and dishes with cold water

So, there you go folks. Be vegetarian strikes me most. I know it is hard growing up in a country where people loves meat… but hey, think of it as a cheaper and healthier living too! The money you save from not eating meat can fund your travels ya know :D..

I don’t know if my skinny bones can take eating veggies all the time but I’ll try…… But hey (just in case I cant make it to the Veggie level) lets just do our best to take care of Mother Earth in whatever ways we can… ^_^

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    1. Credit of the photo and video goes to you Kuya Freddie Bear ^_^.. thanks and yeah, lets spread the love whose real definition has been forgotten. ^_^

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