Frugal Tips Series on the road #2

His name is Patrick Schwald. This German guy is lucky he was born in the first world country.. so he can really afford to travel. But actually, him and the rest of the crew I met in India last 2008 are the ones who taught me how to travel the frugal way… Irony no?

He doesn’t have a blog but I’ve extracted his thoughts for the benefit of everyone.. Here are my questions:

1. Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc
Well i am 28 yrs coming from germany. i am student in my final year and study political science of south asia, social antrophology and Indian studies. Hobbies are TRAVELING, doing some workout, footbal and meeting up with friends.

2. How many countries have you been so far? Which is your favorite and why?
I have been to quite alot. My favourite places are Nepal and India

3. How do you fund your travels?
I am saving and saving untill i have enough to get away

4. What are your plans in the future?
Doing business with 2 of my friends by selling products from asia.

5. How can you make the world a better place?
Mmm tough question. I think trying to show respect to everyone and helping in small day to day actions is a good way. It hasnt to been always in the big way. But if u can help a single person and make her happy it can produce also good results. Taking small steps can make something big….

6. Lastly, any frugal travel tips you want to share?
For example in India or Nepal i never use tourist busses but only local transport….eating on the street can be cheap too

So there you go… Kinda tough way to be eating on the street, but trust me, we DID eat on the streets.. good thing I had my Hepa shots on xD..

Makes me wonder if I go visit Germany and live like a German the way Patrick does, I guess I can survive that country.. But first I need to find an affordable place to stay in Germany and to live like the locals do.

Meanwhile, If you want me to interview you on your travel tips, please let me know… Let’s spread the love and show that travel need not be expensive.

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