Book Review and Quotes: Little Prince

Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is a children’s book intended for adults, that is what I heard from a life mentor. Indeed, the book is deceptively simple yet have a very strong message.

Here are my favorite excerpts:

“On making a discovery, the Turkish astronomer had presented it to the International Astronomical Congress, in great demonstration. But he was in Turkish costume, and so nobody would believe what he said.

Grown ups are like that…

So in 1920, the astronomer gave his demonstration all over again, dressed with impressive style and elegance. And this time everybody accepted his report”


“If you were to say to the grownups, I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, with geraniums in the windows and doves on the roof”, they would not be able to get any idea of that house at all. You would have to say to them: “I saw a house that cost 4,000 Euros…”

Then they would exclaim: Oh what a pretty house that is!”

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