Book Review: How to Turn Thoughts into Things by Bo Sanchez

I’ve read the book a couple of times already.. repeatedly.. so I can memorize the message and brainwash myself so I can turn my thoughts into things. :D

i am a fan of Bo Sanchez, i believe in his principles and preaching.. not so much on the tithing though, but still i give in different ways (like giving my life as a VSO Volunteer)

so anyway, here are the excerpts that are also note to myself:

“Do you have problems? each problem is an invitation to become a superstar.. friends, the world needs superstars. You owe it to the universe to become one. No one benefits if you play small. You only live once. So go full throttle!”

“If you want to fill your life with love, learn to serve… When you die, all the money you hold becomes mickey mouse money.. the dollars, the euros, the yen, the yuan, the peso”

“Because we lack financial wisdom, many spiritual people simply consume all of His financial blessings. They spend it all instead of setting aside a portion and investing it for future”

“God is an abundant God, not a God of scarcity. Today, i meet many people trapped in mediocrity and stagnation because of scarcity mentality. They think God wants them to stay small, live small, be small. I’ve met spiritual people who believe they should be poor. I met good people who believe they should always remain in hardship because they are good people”


I’m hearing maroon 5 in the background playing “wake up call” xD

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