Towards Location Independence

Yesterday, I was with one Pinoy, one German, one half Turkey- half Greek tourists here in Bohol. Ive decided to tour with them around so I can ask how are they able to fund their travels abroad and in return, they ask me about my VSO volunteer stint in India and Thailand.

We have come up with one interesting topic… towards location independence so we can fund for travels and more. For the other guy, he said his dad can afford his travel so he doesnt need these tips and tricks of life (not applicable to me DUH!!).. Another one gets to travel on scholarship (hmmm *scratch head*)

So I said aside from businesses (which is still on the baby phase) Im getting online clients so I can work anywhere having any coffee shop in the world as my office.. Got projects for me? *twinkle eyes* :D

Currently.. I’m discussing an online project for Africa, I’m still with my client in Thailand.. Im getting a new one for a boating tour rental promotion here in Bohol (cross fingers)

Lots of work… funds are not yet lots xD… Im patient though, cant wait till i get that travel fund filled in.

Despite challenges, life is still beautiful. So Im carryng on ^_^ nuninuninuuu

So… Are you into location independence fad too? Share your strategies pretty please ^_^

9 thoughts on “Towards Location Independence

  1. I was able to travel then all over the Philippines because of my job. Something I am missing today that I am now a full-time mom. I am not sure if that’s part of being location independent, I worked then as a researcher. Traveling is one thing I enjoy so much.

    1. travel as part of the job can also be considered location independent i guess.. you go to places and get paid for it ^_^.. hmm thanks for giving me ideas Giay ^_^

  2. I have a niche product within a niche market with a worldwide following of “audiofiles” who gather at sites like and talk about their passion – music devises- The biz would not work without the internet I have never paid for advertising but have “word of mouth” via web.. I hire ppl to do all production through shipping
    I have one renound engineer and one website. I co-ordinate everything over the web but often desire to personally deliver units to customers in Asia. Now I am in my 5th year of bsiness, most of my “job” involves answering questions via internet.

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