I am inviting you in my village

I grew up in this border village.

My neighbors used to be cornfields and peanut fields planted by my grandpa. I still remember how large that spider was in our garden.. and how I try to catch them to play with match sticks, a popular game before.. Ive got real neighbors now. But I miss the cornfields and peanut fields, and the spiders too.

I remember biking with my brothers right after school and then crashing on the road with scars piling one beside the other.

I remember waking up at 3am when I was 11 years old and walking 1 km every weekday just to catch the bus to Manila where I spent my 1st year in high school.. not that there’s no schools nearby, long story.

There was no electricity till I was 2nd year high school.

I remember seeing foreigners in my village, where my playmates used to call – “hey joe, can i have 1 peso”.. wait, maybe i was one of these kiddos too xD

I didnt grew up sporty just so you know. In fact, Ive tumbled in Darjeeling, in Sundarbans, and hanged like a backpack at the back of my VSO Buddy at Doi Inthanon.. Oh yeah, I tumbled in a hike to some waterfalls there too.

My family are not that poor, I did piano and ballet lessons on the weekend.. but its just that destiny wanted me to grow up in this village.. so I can experience what its like to be in different status of society.. so I can break these invisible divide soon.. wait im doing them now right? :D

I also have interesting neighbors.. did I told you that I met this old lady who has been to Russia and all other countries I haven’t been yet? She used to be an international volunteer too…

and I’d like you to meet her too.

Together, we are trying to improve our village. But a few of us in our village is not enough to create positive change.. we need you too.

So if you are free on March 18, eve of our fiesta, we’d like to invite you to come join us in our activity. Here’s the draft agenda:

1. Farming basics seminar
2. Hands on farming
3. Hike to the other side of town
4. Jeepney commute to Tagaytay
5. See the smallest volcano as a reward to ourselves for doing something good

For those interested to join the activity on March 18, there will be a fee of 100 pesos for food and fares… funds that are not used will be given back.

If you are not an adventurer and cant live without an aircon, i’ll design a posh activity for you next time :D

Thank you to Mam Virgie Ramos for facilitating possible funds from the Mayor, greatly appreciated. Those with medical and farming backgrounds are preferable. Please email me at webmaster at grasya dat com to signify interest.

I’m excited to unfold my remote village to you. ^_^

6 thoughts on “I am inviting you in my village

    1. thank you for joining. I’ll have to consolidate all those who are joining and write you email on details. please feel free to invite friends too

  1. Hi there,

    I am on my way. I would like to contribute by doing a workshop, which is meant to find common ground amongst all participants and especially the leaders in your community; common ground with regard to the most appropriate and sustainable approaches to community development.

    1. yep Brian, see you there and looking forward on the workshop ^_^… the community will greatly benefit on this

    1. are you in Bhopal? Dude, my village is in the Philippines ^_^.. you’re always welcome to volunteer in my village if you like

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