My secret paradise: Doljo, Bohol

Actually I wanted Doljo to continue to be a secret paradise… but I also wanna share the goodness to my readers xD..

Beaches in Doljo is not like in Alona where all the posh elites and ridiculous high price ripped offs are located..

Doljo has the same white sand beach heaven but tries to be authentic and down to earth. Plus its like you’ve got the whole beach on your own.

Its a secret paradise really.. for now.

Downside, if you dont know how to ride a motorbike or you dont have your own vehicle, everything shuts at night time and you cant go anywhere.. so you’re like stuck in that heaven. Talk about irony :D

One travel blogger friend asked about a good accommodation in Doljo. So I have to recommend my friend’s homestays at Flipflop tours. So instead of paying hotels, your money will be given to the family that will host you instead…

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things to do in Bohol: camp out in the beach

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