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Facts and Trivia I learned about Myanmar/Burma

The place where I travel back in time has given me lessons in life that will forever be my jewel of memories..


1. Its a place where because of poverty, money doesn’t matter.. even your wee money if lost will be given to you..

2. A place despite poverty is filled with generosity… large servings for your cheap budget yum!

3. A place where men wears skirt and women’s makeup is from a bark of a tree..

4. A place where the guy next door (who wears a skirt called longyi) and chews bittlenut (kinda like “nganga”  in tagalog) speaks 4 languages: Burmese, English, Spanish and French (!)… A place where Indians once thought of as a place called “Second America” gone wrong

5. A place of contrast, irony, and simple yet rare joys that I will never experience anywhere else but there.


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