Help my dear Thailand

Thailand adopted me for 15 months and all I wanted to do is to repay them with kindness for all the good karma they have given to me. I’m not a rich person but it does not hinder me from helping out… and I have proven this 3 years ago when I started to trek the road less traveled. ^_^

This article inspires me.. So why not do it for my dear Thailand too?

For those who wanted to donate, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Tomoko Kashiwazaki

Or you can also give donations to my paypal account. Please email me at webmaster (at) so I can send you a thank you gift for those who have donated more than 10 dollars.

For those who wants to join me for some fundraising, please feel free to volt in and lets brainstorm ideas. ^_^

**Thank you to Eliza Fry and those who have donated at APWLD for this fundraising. You may continue to send in your donations, please email me for acknowledgments.

2 thoughts on “Help my dear Thailand

    1. nope, so many things to do so little time ^_^.. but please visit Chiang Mai before you go home, highly recommended ate. ingats

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