Wrap Up! Onwards to the next chapter

So I have really moved on. ^_^ and as a VSO Volunteer that has returned to her motherland, I’m happy to report my accomplishments from my stay in Thailand:

I. Expected: 1 website, output: 7 websites (harhar)

II. Workshops:
a. as trainer: 3 CMS Training
b. as participant/observer:
– 1 APWLD staff retreat
– 1 communications workshop
– 2 feminist legal training workshops
– 2 VSO workshops

III. Numerous parties and meetups including:
– meeting with VSO CEO Marg Mayne
– meetings with Tracey Martin, former VSO Thai-Burma Country Director (to make sure im working)
– meeting with the consulates on environmental campaigns
– couchsurfing meetups at Thapae gate

IV. Hundreds of “hopefully real” new friends/networks from different parts of the world

V. grasya.com readers from different countries

I therefore conclude, it was a great life. Now on to the next chapter, but before that, i’ll sit back, reminisce, and have my grace period. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up! Onwards to the next chapter

  1. I am appreciated. You have done great job with your voluntary spirit. Keep going on this way for our smiles and other people. Thanks Grace.:)

  2. While looking back at previous articles, I got the chance to read this.. time fries. ^_^ hope to aim for a great chapter in the next years to come

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