Bangkok: The City of Angels

Bangkok: The City of Angels

I realized, I’ve been in Thailand long enough but I havent blogged about the the City of Angels yet.

I know Krung Thep (Thai meaning of Bangkok) has a different beauty that deserves equal attention so here I go on what tips and other information I’ve gathered during my short trips to Bangkok.

1. Avail the unlimited 1 day pass of the BTS Skytrain if you’re traveling around  Bangkok so you dont need to always line up the queue and saves you money too specially if you’ll ride the train a couple of times to go around the city

2. The bus will always be cheaper than the tuk-tuks.. If you know the route to where you’ll go, ride the bus instead.

3. From Suvarnabhumi airport, you can always find your way to the city by riding the sky train.. and if you’re going back to the airport, go to BTS Payathai station, then take airport rail link from BTS Payathai (it is connecting, you can walk) to Suvarnabhumi airport.. so no need to ride an expensive taxi

4. Do you know that Krung Thep is just a nickname of Bangkok… the fullname is “Krung thep mahanakhon amorn ratanakosin mahintharayutthaya mahadilok popnoparat ratchathani burirom udomratchanivetmahasathan amornpiman avatarnsathit sakkathattiyavisnukarmprasit”……………… :D


You can always avail of Bangkok Tours but for those who wants a Do-It-Yourself tour, there are lots of blogs on the web that will guide you on where you want to go.. This is Bangkok at night:


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