The real farmville

I was at a farm to visit another VSO Volunteer from Uganda who’s placed here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was a great experience to see what other volunteers are doing, and I might apply it too when I get back.. who knows i could monitor my web projects online while tending the cow in our farm right? xD i may not know how to train the cow yet but once i learned, i could put a tutorial on youtube (twisted head on the loose)

Anyway, here are significant observations.

1. The farm has around 30 people and the produce of the farm is still not enough to feed all of them, so they still have to depend on funding for additional costs. There are projects to help the farm become self sustainable but it is still ongoing..

2. There are volunteers from the United States, Netherlands, and of course our VSO Volunteer Robert from Uganda and they train students in the farm on rights, advocacy and agriculture.

3. There is WIFI in the farm.

4. One big ripe papaya costs only 15 baht and feeds 30+ people already xD


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