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Flashback: Sagada Travel and Tour Reviews


Despite the hot weather in Metro Manila last May of 2010, it was friggin cold up in the Sagada Mountains… which I do like since I’m from a place where the only cold air that I get is from artificial aircons.

So I marvelled at hanging coffins that are a rare sight in the Philippines.. And the caves also took my breath away. However, I do thought 5000 pesos was the cheapest I could get to a vacation in Sagada.. you can read my old blog here for more details, and then I can’t help but jaw dropped on the prices offered by these tour agencies.

P 3300 from this site:


and P 2850 from this site:


wow… well, im not sure if the food is included nor if the service is great.. feedback from you will be helpful so we can help fellow travelers choose which one is the best. ^_^ Thank you

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