We had a three long holiday last week in celebration of Labor Day. So, the itchy feet in me decided to travel to Sukhotai, in central Thailand, alone.

I must say it was quite an adventure for those who are into old city temples and sleepy towns… perfect for meditation, reading a book, and sleeping.

but if you’re not into it, you’ll just miss lively chiang mai and will look forward to getting back..

For two days, I have spent the following:

250 baht bus ride going there and another 250 going back
100 entrance fee
300 hotel
50 songtaew to the hotel
30 bike rent
300 food misc

And got some pictures too

sukhotai, thailand

sukhotai, thailand

There’s not much happening in Sukhotai but their public transportation and its passengers caught my interest:

I’m taking a picture of them, they are taking a picture of me :D

sukhotai, thailand

Conversations of vegetables in the bus?

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