Holidays in Bangkok and Cambodia

I was not online because I was enjoying the present moment these past few days.. And I’d like to share with you simple blessings that hopefully will inspire you to get out and see the world not just thru google:

DEC27: Bangkok
– visited Royal Palace
– strolled at MBK
– ate at a turo-turo near the river, take note, lotsa foreigners are eating on the same turo-turo mind you.
– re-oriented myself on the BTS sky train
– gate crashed at a VSO volunteers’ hotel and showered like there’s no tomorrow.
DEC28: Bangkok
– bonding time with my VSO friends Kechi and Mo, loved spending time with these pretty ladies with their posh place ;)
– waited for another friend from VSO India in the airport
– waited for the first bus to Aranyapratet
DEC29: whole day travel to Cambodia
Bangkok – Aranyaphratet
Aranyaphratet – Poipet
Poipet – Siem Reap
– marvelled at Angkor Wat
– Night Market
– Pigged out at delicious restaurants
DEC31: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
– Night Market
– Watched the community play in the plaza
– Celebrated new year
JAN1: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
– Visit national museum
– City stroll
– pigged out at delicious restaurants. Khmer Saravan was good
– travelled back to Bangkok via night bus
JAN2: Back to Bangkok
– pigged out on restaurants near Nana station
– Mabel need to stay in Bangkok so we booked her a hotel at
– then I went to chiang mai on the night train and finished the Alchemist book along the way
JAN3: Back to Chiang Mai.
All in all, I spent around 200 Dollars for the whole trip.. its like spending a vacation in Bohol or Boracay.. but this time, my shoe string budget afforded me a vacation to see another country.
So…. Did I somehow twisted your logic? ;)


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