Behind the scenes of glittery travel stories

Ok, so you’ve read travel guides, travel blogs, magazines, etc raving about a place.. And you spend your entire savings just to see this place, because everyone was raving about it.. the only problem is, once you get there, instead of raving, you feel the opposite. Here’s more of your reality check. Read On

10 exotic dishes to try in South East Asia

For locals, most of these are ordinary dishes eaten every meal. For travelers and non locals however, these are rare dishes that you can’t eat anywhere else. Read more

Move to Paradise – a must read for city dwellers

I have lived in different far flung rural areas in the Palawan, Bohol, Antique, Laguna in the Philippines. Aside from that I also lived 5 months in rural Kolkata in India, and a few weeks in Bhakatapur and Heutuda in Nepal, and a few days in far flung rural Laos. How did I do it? Read More

10 Shopping Lifehacks in Metro Manila

For those who want to have the best value for your money, I gathered a few tips so you won’t feel ripped off afterwards when shopping. The money you save from this lifehack can make you travel further.. or you can pay it forward as you wish. Read More

So you want to work online and have a travel lifestyle?

I sipped my iced coffee in a coffee shop somewhere in Palawan while having this view as a live wallpaper. Oh what a wonderful life you must have thought.. Read on for some reality check. Read More